Fixed Up Spareribs

Check out my video about how to fix up leftover ribs.

Fixed Up Spareribs!

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Brats and Ribs!

A couple of weeks ago I smoked some brats and ribs. All cooked on my Weber Kettle. Enjoy! 😊

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Real Indiana BBQ – Rib Tips!

Check out my latest YouTube video Real Indiana BBQ – Rib Tips! These were cooked for my church picnic and they came out fantastic!

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Cooking Just Because

From time to time I will simply be in the mood for some barbecue. At those times, I will throw whatever I have on the smoker and begin my labor of love. Here I have some spareribs, jalapeño beef sausage and chuck roast for sliced beef.

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Pulled Chicken and Pork

This past weekend was very busy. One of the cooks I did was for a company picnic where I provided the pulled chicken and pulled pork. I had 20 lbs of butts, and 24 lbs. of boneless, skinless thighs.

The Pork, fresh, trimmed, and lastly rubbed….



The chicken, fresh and then brined…

Here is everything on the smoker, along with a couple of [URL=”″%5DCaribou Chorizo Fatties[/URL] I was cooking for a throwdown…

The chicken is done and it falls right apart using my Bear Claws…

2 pans of succulent pulled chicken for the party…

The butts were a tad overdone, but not mushy by any means. Just juicy and succulent. Look how clean the bone is when I pulled it out…

Now this is what I’m talking about, pulled pork, tasty and tender…

Thanks for looking! 😀

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