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Me and The Carolina Rib King

This past weekend, Indy hosted our annual Ribfest. I saw that Solomon Williams, the Carolina Rib King from BBQ Pitmaters was there, and I had to get some of his ribs. He was nice enough to take a picture with … Continue reading

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BBQ Arts 101: Good Woods To Smoke With

Originally posted on Patrons of the Pit:
As you delve further into the BBQ arts, eventually you’ll wish to smoke something. It’s just the natural course of things. You need not fight it. Where to start, you ask? Well, as a…

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My Franklin Barbecue Experience

Earlier this year, the company I work for took a trip to Austin, TX. Needless to say, I was stoked… pun intended. While there, it was inevitable that I would make my way to Franklin Barbecue, home of the best … Continue reading

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My 24 oz. Prize

I am a proud member of The BBQ Brethren Forums who sponsor BBQ throw-downs of various sorts. A food-related throw-down challenge is presented, and one can participate by preparing the food to the specification of the challenge, taking a “Money-Shot” photo … Continue reading

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