Caribou Chorizo Fatty

I have a friend who hunt Alaskan Caribou a couple of times a year; he and his wife were nice enough to share a couple of pound of some Caribou Chorizo they had processed after a hunt. Caribou is very lean like buffalo, but this had a nice amount of fat to attempt a couple of fatties. I thought I would put some ingredients together to make this a mexican as possible on a short notice…

I chopped ups some fresh bell and red peppers, and some onion too. Then I chopped up some peppered bacon and put it all in cast iron skillet to get acquainted…

After the bacon and veggies cooled down a bit, I mixed it into a dish full of queso fresca, which will become the stuffing…

Again, the Caribou is very lean, and you can tell from this shot that I might have problems getting it to stick together…

After a bit of frustration and choice words spoken under my breath, I got the fatties to roll, stick, and finally get dusted with rub…

You can see that fatties are holding together ok, perhaps they were encourage by the host of other meats that were on the smoker for a company picnic I was preparing for!

The fatties came out pretty nice. Not as juicy as pork, but they had a great flavor and decent moistness. I served them up with some sour cream, sriracha, and slices of green and red pepper…

About tonyhunterajh

I am a native of Indianapolis, IN, a father, grandfather, barbecue pit master, Colts fan, thinker, and most importantly, a preacher and teacher of the Word of God!
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